Wines of France

Before deciding the wine would be his life’s work, Alain Junguenet traveled many roads before arriving at his current destination… many is a severe understatement…let’s just say he saw a lot of pavement. You see, from the time he was ten years old he was a bonafide motorhead. Starting with his first official race on his eighteenth birthday, Alain led a successful career as a professional race car driver that lasted twenty years and took all over Europe and Northern Africa. It was that competitive streak and intense ability to focus and look for details nobody else sees that drove him to seek out the greatest producers he could when he was just getting started as a wine importer in 1984. Through his hard work, he discovered the Rhône Valley and its undiscovered bounty of world-class wines offering incredible value. In his career, Alain’s portfolio, Wines of France,Inc., has included several ‘Top Ten’ placements from the Wine Spectator, he was named ‘Wine Personality of the Year’ by The Wine Advocate and was dubbed “Mr. Châteauneuf-du-Pape” by Robert M. Parker himself!

In 2005, Alain’s son John joined the company after years of traveling with his father to the wineries and even working harvests to gain a better understanding of what actually goes into making a world-class wines.

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