C. Vergier Macon

Christian Vergier is a true renaissance man. Enologist, educator and entrepreneur, he is well-known and respected throughout France and France’s island republics.

A graduate of the University of Dijon in viticulture and enology, Christian makes wine from his own modest vineyard holdings in the Côte de Beaune; consults young vignerons in Burgundy, the Loire Valley and Jura; and teaches viticulture, enology and analytical tasting at several of France’s best wine schools. In addition, Christian runs a wine export business for Réunion and Mauritius islands in the Indian Ocean and Martinique in the Caribbean, where he is also a production advisor for internationally-acclaimed rum brands.

In 2009, Christian launched his own micro-négociant brand focused on specific terroirs in Macon and Beaujolais. These two southern Burgundy sub-regions have an abundance of vine growers, but very few quality-driven independent producers, so the majority of each harvest traditionally ends up going to local cooperatives or into the wines of large négociants. With extensive knowledge of exceptional sites and great connections in both the Maconnais and Beaujolais, Christian now rescues fruit from these superior lieux-dits for his bottlings rather than allowing it to become diluted into homogeneous regional blends.

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