Rebellion Burbon

When cheap spirits become common, rebellion becomes duty.

This quote loosely references the words spoken by Benjamin Franklin during British oppression in the United States. Today, the rebellious spirit thrives as handcrafted, American artisanal spirits are category game changers and continue to carve out a significant place in the minds of spirits enthusiasts searching for a new consumption experience. So stop drinking sub-par bourbons. Start the Rebellion!

Opici Wines has partnered with a family owned and operated distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky – the bourbon capital of the world. Together, they are distilling small-batch; top quality bourbon handcrafted by a 5th generation Master Distiller using traditional methods. For bourbon lovers worldwide, Rebellion Bourbon represents superior quality for great value in a unique package. This smooth and versatile bourbon can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks and mixes well with a variety of cocktail ingredients.

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