Raidis- Coonawarra Estates


'Raîdis-Coonawarra' a small family owned winery located in South Australia, run by Chris Radis, his wife Emma and his parents. They set out to produce high quality wines that only validate their new 'kid' on the block status. 'Raîdis-Coonawarra's' philosophy is to create handcrafted, estate grown wines for you to enjoy with good food and good friends. 

Chis and his families goal is to keep the estate small because they realize that in order to deliver the finest product they must be able to watch and control every aspect of the production. They believe that exceptional wines steam from exceptional quality grapes. Chis manages to produce quality wine while being environmentally conscious allowing their goats to eat the remaining grapes and grass between the vines in the winter which eliminates the need for pesticides.  

The style of their wines are mainly fruit driven, food friendly wines because they believe that the balance between fruit, acid, oak, tannin and texture is essential. Although they strive for year to year consistency in their wines, because they use only single vineyard grapes it varies which in turn creates vintage variation makes their wine distinct.   

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