Jeff Welburn Selections

Two keys to being a good importer are a keen palate and good information. Jeff Welburn and his veteran team all possess excellent palates, but it is the extra measures the company takes to keep a finger on the pulse of the French wine business that separate JWS from most of its American competition.

Contrary to popular belief, France’s best known wineries don’t always produce France’s best wines. Unfortunately, textbooks aren’t revised often enough to keep up with the dynamic nature of the French wine business. A domaine’s reputation for quality can wane with ownership change or the passing of a gifted vigneron. Conversely, brands can vault into prominence when an enlightened member of a new generation assumes control of an underperforming but well-situated domaine and introduces the practical tenets of a quality-over-quantity philosophy.

Jeff Welburn and Peter Poulos make frequent scouting trips to France to visit existing and potential client wineries. Meanwhile, the company’s associate in France, Christian Vergier, stays in constant communication with client vignerons, and follows up on leads regarding emerging talent. Lastly, JWS management monitors French, British and American press, and closely follows restaurant and retail trends in order to keep the portfolio on the cutting edge.

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