Dom Bertiol

The Veneto region of northeastern Italy is acclaimed for the production of high-quality Prosecco. Dom Bertiol celebrates this tradition, perfecting the production of this wine.

Originally from France’s Loire Valley, members of the noble Montresor family transferred to Verona, Italy over 500 years ago. As the family acquired land suited to the cultivation of grapevines, they dedicated themselves to the production of wine. The winery as it is known today was established in the mid 19th century by Giacomo Montresor.  It is now managed by the 3rd generation, Paolo and Giorgio.

Spanning 45 hectares in Treviso, the Campea di Miane vineyard sits at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level in the prestigious Conegliano Prosecco DOC appellation. The vines benefit from ideal southwestern exposures and sandy soils of volcanic origin.

The finest grapes are carefully selected by hand and fermented in stainless steel tanks at cool temperatures. The must is then stored in pressure-controlled tanks made of stainless steel to slowly develop froth by completing a natural secondary fermentation, known as the Charmat method, rendering the wine sparkling.

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