Château Coucy

One of the oldest and grandest estates in this modest appellation, Château Coucy dates back to the 15th Century. The original château was built during the 100 Years' War by a noble family possessing both English and French bloodlines before the British were vanquished from Aquitaine in 1453.

In 2007, this Right Bank Bordeaux property was purchased by the Bonfils family, owners of several historically significant estates in the Languedoc region. Coucy's almost 50 acres include a high percentage of precious old vines which made the estate irresistible to Bonfils Père et Fils when it was put on the market by the Maurèze family. Before the acquisition by Bonfils, Coucy's vineyards and winemaking were supervised by the garagiste godfather, Jean-Luc Thunevin (Valandraud), who consulted for the previous owners. So far, so good for new Estate Director, Luc Chasseriau, as Château Coucy has already tallied numerous Gold Medals and received rave reviews for his first two vintages ('08 and '09).

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