Bosquets des Pape

Winemaker’s since 1860, the Boiron family knows a thing or two about their craft. It began Emmanuel Boiron who married into a well-known winemaking family and continued with his son, Joseph-Victor, in 1890. Joseph-Victor had his work cutout for him thanks to phylloxera that wiped out his father’s vines. Years later, in 1936, Joseph-Victor deposed the name ‘Clos Chantelmerle’. The first official name of the estate. In 1923, his son Joseph ensured the continuation of the estate. Joseph’s son Maurice helped to create the name ‘Domaine Bosquet des Papes’ in 1966 and took the helm ten years later. Maurice’s son Nicolas took over for his father in 2004 and quickly adapted the winery to the new methods of winemaking not used by his father. Destemming portions of the harvest and temperature-controlled vinification tanks are great examples of the improvements Nicolas introduced to this already great winery.

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