Bodegas Tamaral

The relationship between our family and wine stretches back to the early 20th century in Tierra de Campos, Zamora where our family´s winegrowing tradition started.

Back in the early 1900´s, our ancestors started feeling interested in the world of wine, and decided to produce some wine for personal use in a traditional wine cellar dug in the rock.

Our first wines were made out of hard work and illusion and led us to produce the range of fine wines we are so proud of today. It has been a pretty long way but well worth the result.

That is the way the great projects are born, step by step, hard work, caring love for the land, and the knowledge gained over the years.

The best legacy we could inherit from our ancestors is the love for the land we should always take care of in order to get the best from it. Love for vine gives birth to outstanding wines.

Our ancestors’ dream of making a great wine came true in 1997, when Bodegas and Viñedos Tamaral was founded, right in the very heart of the Golden Mile of D.O Ribera del Duero.

Since then we have been proud of the highly prized wines we have made. Tamaral Roble, the youngest wine we produce , Tamaral Finca la Mira , a sought-after wine or Tamaral Verdejo (D.O Rueda). Behind each and every single wine there is a story to tell, a family and four generations of people eager to keep improving, to make our wines last in time and let people feel our passion for wine.