Bertrand Stehelin


In the fourteenth century the Stehelin's were a band of Swiss Mercenaries, with the literal translation of Stehelin meaning 'holding weapon'. In the spirit of their ancestors they would go on to grow wines such as Gigondas, know as "muscleman of Southern Rhone", for its rustic and edgy flavor. Although it was not until 1620 that the family first started making wine at Paillere et Pied-Gu in Gigondas and not until 1840 did the Stehelin family leave Switzerland to buy Chateau Mont-Thabor in Chateauneuf-du-Pape, which they currently run today.  

Bertrand's parents produced their first vintage together in 1979 at Domaine Paillere et Pied-Gu and Bertrand would begin his legacy in 2004, where at twenty four years old he would produced his first vintage under his own label. Since then he has been a vigneron for over ten years producing quality reds rivaling his Southern neighbors.