Berroia is an estate-bottled wine made by Bodegas Berroja in the Txakolí de Bizkaia DO. Txakolí wines have a slightly “spritzy” effervescent character similar to vinho verdes from Portugal but whereas the latter are light wines with fresh, clean flavors and bright acidity, Txakolís have more complex aromas and depth of flavor on the palate along with a firm minerality- their signature. The name Berroia refers to the area where the estate vineyards are located. Three Spanish DO regions in Spain produce Txakolí wines in the Basque country: Txakolí de Guetaria, Txakolí de Bizkaia and Txakolí de Alava. There are two Txakolí styles: a cider style and a still wine style. Both styles are made with the Hondarribi grape but one is more cider-like than the other. The still wine style shows the vibrancy and depth of the Hondarribi grape. The cider style has a life span of about 6 months while the still wine style develops for about 14-16 months. Berroia is made in the still wine style.

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