Antoine Sanzay

Young Antoine Sanzay took over the family’s 27 acres of vines after the untimely passing of his father in 2002. His cellar is located in Varrains, one of nine communes that make up the Saumur Champigny appellation southeast of of the town of Saumur.

Antoine makes two red cuvées and a Saumur Blanc. Loire-based author and columnist Jacqueline Friedrich calls is his tank-fermented Cuvée Domaine ‘a drink me up’ Champigny. It’s an accessible, bistro-friendly, fruit-forward Franc. The Saumur Champigny Les Poyeux is from the appellation’s best vineyard site in neighboring Chacé. Les Poyeux is the home of Clos Rougeard. This is a serious Cabernet Franc, fermented and aged entirely in third-year Château Latour barrels. For now, Antoine’s production is extremely limited due to an agreement with the local cooperative, but that obligation will end with the 2014 vintage.

Antoine has a local reputation for being a wine geek. He is quick to extol the virtues of his favorite producers in Burgundy, northern Rhône or on Bordeaux’s Right Bank. But, he’s a modest guy and not opposed to tipping a pint after a long day in the vineyard at Saumur’s Celtic Pub, where they also serve both his red and white wines by the glass.

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